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A house reading works to gather information about a property or land and clear out old energies. 

These readings are ideal for folks looking at a property to buy or sell or have a property you wish to bring in good tenants.

The readings are conducted remotely, with a detailed written summary of the overall reading. Also, a bullet-point synopsis of significant energy shifts and highlights, with practical ways you can integrate the information, to get your desired result.

Popular questions answered include:

Is this the right property for me?

  • What can I do to help my house sell/rent with ease?

  • What kind of repairs does this property need?

  • This property feels strange, how can feel more at ease here?

  • Is this property the right place for my children/pets?

    ** Your relationship with your current home, workspace, or land, is best incorporated into a regular Integrative Psychic Energy Sessions - contact me for details.

Full Package - House reading for buyers/sellers.

Two packages

House reading packages 1


  • 60 min Remote House reading,

  • Detailed written summary of the overall reading.

  • Bullet point synopsis of important energy shifts and highlights of the reading.

  • phone call for any clarifying questions from the reading. 30min
    Must be taken within 7 days of the reading. (any additional time after 20 mins will be charged at $45 for each 15mins. )

  • Investment - $310

House remote reading 2

  • House 60 min remote reading,

  • Detailed synopsis and bullet point highlights from the reading

  • Investment - $250


House readings and Clearings

Onsite visits are negotiable on a case by case basis

Remote readings are required before on site visit.