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Integrative Psychic Energy Healing Sessions

“Sade is an incredibly gifted healer. Even just one session with Sade can lead to a breakthrough that years of traditional psychotherapy could not accomplish. Sade helps to empower one’s spirit, to free us from whatever or whoever is weighing us down so that we can truly live life happy, free, and to its highest potential. I can’t thank Sade enough for how he has positively transformed my life.”
— A.O.D. Oakland CA

 Are you ready to transform your life?

Integrative Psychic Energy Healing sessions are a powerful and refreshingly pragmatic way to gain clarity and insight into patterns and belief systems that are shaping your life.

Resentment and trauma are energetic blocks that sit in your physical and energy body; they can cause illness and dysfunctions of your mind, body, and spirit. Are you ready to release yourself from the pain, patterns, and limitations of past experiences that are holding you back? 

 Work with me to: 

  • Transform dysfunctional relationships with your family of origin, spouse, friends, co-workers, and beyond.

  • Revolutionize your relationships with your career, your health, money, love, sex, your spiritual path, and well-being.

  • Gain freedom from anxiety, fear, and depression.

  • Validate and release habitual survival techniques, and enable yourself to disengage from destructive behavior for good.

  • Heal your physical body, release trauma, and feel at home and safe in your skin.

  • Achieve clarity of mind and ease of decision-making.

  • Establish and maintain healthy boundaries in all aspects of your life without effort.

  • Feel grounded and present in the most challenging of situations.

  • Align with your higher purpose and access your innate wisdom, be easeful, inspired, and happy in your daily life.

Integrative Psychic Energy Healing is a holistic practice, which incorporates the physical and subtle body (energy centers/aura) and aims to balance the mind, body, and spirit. I see my work as a collaboration with you. I am here to translate your energetic field and facilitate your healing journey. Sessions are highly interactive, and you have agency in sessions to enquire, clarify, and direct focus.

I integrate expertise in my psychic gifts, energy healing, hands-on healing touch (similar to Reiki), mediumship, and Welsh earth-based mysticism. Pragmatically I incorporate exercises you can immediately use in your daily life to ease you in your healing growth.

Ethical practice: Strong, healthy boundaries are essential; reading and sending energy are consent and permission-based only. All sessions are highly confidential. Ongoing, consensual touch is paramount, especially in healing touch sessions.

I strive to create a safe, nonjudgmental container, where you can fully show up in dignity and respect for who you are, inclusive of your race and culture, your belief systems, your age, your gender identity, sexuality, and spiritual beliefs. 

I center my work with LGBTQIA, Trans, Gender Queer, Enby, BIPOC individuals, communities, and our allies.


In person sessions at my Oakland Office Directions

and Online Video Sessions from anywhere in the world via Zoom

I am a member of the Energy Medicine Professional Association