Animal Communication

Lukas Blakk and Corgi Shortstack

Lukas Blakk and Corgi Shortstack

“One item that the session with Sade revealed which was incredibly useful was Shortstack’s desire for a certain touch that helped unlock a closer bond and trusting relationship for us. I appreciated Sade’s work to connect me with actionable changes I could make to have a more mutual engagement with my troubled pup.” Lukas Blakk and his Corgi Shortstack, Oakland CA


Animal Readings and healings are a powerful way to strengthen your bond with your pet,
curb behavioral issues, assist with physical Illness and aid in your pet’s general well being.

Popular issues:

  • house training

  • communicating pet’s needs when sick

  • leash walking

  • moving to a new house

  • introducing a new pet

  • terminal illness


Loss of Your Pet

I specialize in assisting people whose pet is in transition or has passed.

Whether the passing of your beloved pet is recent or long time past, I work with you and the spirit of your pet to ease grief and update your spirit connection.