Ritual and Ceremony

photo credit Devlin Shand

photo credit Devlin Shand

Welsh-born and raised, I draw upon my Welsh/Celtic ancestry, mystic earth based traditions, and the beautiful ancient Welsh language/yr iaith Gymraeg, to create meaningful, grounded, conscientious ritual and ceremonies.

I actively work to decolonize my practice, I am conscious of not appropriating other cultures. I use herbs and oils of my heritage like Rosemary, Lavender, and pine, to ease the over harvesting of Palo Santo and White Sage.

I have an active practice of solo and group ritual, and over the past 30 years have been fortunate to have taken part in, led and co-created ritual and ceremony at diverse locations with large gatherings, intimate circles, and solo.

Work with me to design your ritual or ceremony, which can be conducted as a large elaborate gathering of elements and people, smaller intimate circles or a private ceremony with you alone.

I encourage you to draw upon and incorporate your present-day and ancestral spiritual beliefs to create your ritual.

I will collaborate with you to create dynamic ways to transform energy:

  • as a rite of passage,

  • to acknowledge your gender alignment journey

  • to honor your gender marker and/or name change

  • as a celebration of miles stones and relationships

  • to commemorate events or people

  • to release grief

  • or whatever your imagination can dream up.

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