Frequently Asked Questions


What is aN Integrative Psychic Energy healer?

An Intuitive healing is a powerful way to get clarity and insight into patterns and belief systems that are shaping our lives. In a healing session, I work with the energetic field that surrounds your body (called the aura), which is the connection of spirit to body.
Your energetic field holds information that I am able to read and translate through my own intuitive skills. Which enables me to help you remove blocks, balance your mind, body and spirit, and ultimately to align you with your authentic self and access your deep inner wisdom.

What happens during my Integrative Psychic Energy Session?

In a healing session we sit face to face, I meditate and will have my eyes closed for some of the session and yours are open. I read and translate the information I see in your energetic field (aura) that relates to the issues you wish to work on. At the end of the session I perform a healing to remove blocks, balance your mind, body and spirit, and make space for change.

How often do you recommend having Integrative Psychic Energy Sessions?

The results of a healing take effect immediately and may take a few days to fully integrate. Clients come to me once or week, once every two weeks or once a month. It is essential to have consistency in the frequency healing sessions to keep up the momentum of the work.

I can’t make it to your office can I have a Session by phone or Online?

Yes! I have many phone and Zoom clients from all over the world. These healings are just as accurate as an in person reading, I do not need to be in close proximity to you to read your energy.

What do I need to prepare for my Integrative Psychic Energy Sessions?

You don’t need to do anything, however it can be helpful to focus on any questions or issues you wish to work on. I can help you focus on the day.

Can I take notes or record my Integrative Psychic Energy sessions?

Yes you are very welcome to make notes and/or audio record your reading. However I recommend that you wait at least two weeks before listening to the recorded session, to allow the energetic healing to be fully integrated into your system.

Are the sessions confidential?

Yes, I strive to create a highly confidential, non-judgmental, loving environment to facilitate healing.

Can I bring a friend?

Intuitive healings are private one on one sessions. There is however a waiting room available outside, if you wish to bring a friend to accompany you.

I want an Integrative Psychic Energy session For my Dog/Cat/Pet

Yes I do readings for pets. I offer remote readings, which means your pet does not need to be present at my office. They receive positive effects of the healing, at the time of the healing. The session is recorded for you