Sâde Gryffin

Mystic | Psychic Energy Healer


Revolutionize your life!

Are you ready for your Breakthrough Experience?

Ready to align with your dreams?

Integrative Psychic Energy Healing Sessions allow you to:

  • Release trauma from your body and spirit.

  • Gain freedom from anxiety, grief, blocked emotions, and depression.

  • Transform your dysfunctional patterns with lovers, partners, co-workers, friends, and family.

  • Sustain healthy boundaries in all aspects of your life. Cease taking on the feelings of others.

  • Revitalize your relationships with money, work, career, spiritual path.

  • Embody you. Be fully at home in your physical body.


“The healing session I had with Sâde was nothing less than miraculous”

Lisa Lennox, Carbondale IL.…read more


Develop your psychic and Intuitive wisdom, classes and workshops.

Integrate your physical body and your energy body/spirit. Attract consciously the life experience you desire. Confidently walk your life path. Claim your agency, make clear decisions with ease.

Trust your Truth Classes in person and online.

Trust your Truth Classes in person and online.

Alchemy of Desire Workshop, Into the Woods retreat 2019 at Groundswell CA | photo Devlin Shand

Alchemy of Desire Workshop, Into the Woods retreat 2019 at Groundswell CA | photo Devlin Shand



About Sâde Gryffin

 Sâde Gryffin MFA, is an Oakland based Mystic, Psychic Energy Healer, Teacher, and Artist. Born and raised in Wales in the UK, Sâde moved to San Francisco to study art in the late 90s. Sâde is a Gender Queer/Trans/Non-binary/Gay man. His practice and ceremony work is deeply rooted in earth-based Welsh mysticism. In his private practice, Sâde integrates his comprehensive psychic reading skills, with deep energy healing work to facilitate profound transformation for his clients, in all aspects of their lives.

 Sâde brings a bold and pragmatic sensibility to his work, through a unique combination of psychic lineage; intensive clairvoyant training; 30 years experience in the healing arts; and his former career as a seasoned arts professor.  In all aspects of his practice, he strives to create a safe and nonjudgmental container for Queer, Trans, GQ, Enby, QBIPOC individuals, communities, and allies.

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photo credit Devlin Shand